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According to the Draft General Health and Safety Regulations a first aid kit is essential by law.

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Introducing the Samaritan Pad 500P

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Buying power always pays off!

Buying power always pays off!


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Admin. Sets
20/60 drop


R2,35+ VAT

CPR Mouthpiece


R1,99+ VAT

Dr White
Sanitary Pads


R22,50+ VAT

Latex Gloves


R45,00+ VAT


Latex Gloves
Powder Free


R55,00 VAT

Nitrile Gloves
Powder Free


R55,00+ VAT

Administration sets 20/60drop 25 R3.50 R2.35
Aprons Plastic 100 10 R45.00 R29.50
Conforming Bandages 75mm 144 R1.95 R1.49
Conforming Bandages 100mm 144 R2.25 R1.75
C.P.R. Mouthpieces   100 R2.75 R1.99
Crepe Bandages 50mm 36 R2.95 R2.15
Crepe Bandages 75mm 36 R3.75 R2.50
Crepe Bandages 100mm 36 R4.95 R3.50
Dr Whites Sanitary Towels 12's 36 R24.50 R22.50
F.A.Dressings #3 144 R2.35 R2.09
F.A.Dressings #5 144 R4.25 R3.65
Gauze Swabs 8ply 50x50mm 100's 20 R7.50 R5.95
Gauze Swabs 8ply 75x75mm 100's 20 R15.50 R11.75
Gauze Swabs 8ply 100x100mm 100's 20 R21.50 R15.95
Gauze Sterile 75x75mm 5's 100 R1.35 R1.05
Gloves Powdered 100's 10x100 R57.50 R45.00
Gloves Powder Free 100's 10x100 R67.50 R55.00
Gloves Nitrile Blue 100's 10x100 R65.00 R55.00
Mop Caps Black/White 100's 10x100 R25.50 R17.50
Nebulizer Masks Adult/Child   10 R14.95 R9.75
Oxygen Masks Adult/Child   10 R14.50 R7.95
Plaster PE 50x5metre   12 R4.95 R2.50
Plaster PE 75x5metre   12 R6.95 R3.95
Rescue sheets   25 R6.95 R5.75
Safety pins 12's 72 R1.25 R0.75
Splint Wadding 100mm   25 R6.95 R5.35
Splints Wooden   25 R3.50 R1.95
Triangular Bandages Nonwoven   100 R2.75 R1.85
Thermometers Digital   40 R14.50 R9.85
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Our company

Our company

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Our services

Our services
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