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According to the Draft General Health and Safety Regulations a first aid kit is essential by law.

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We're positive you'll love these deals!

We're positive you'll love these deals!


Ending: May 2019 / while stocks last    

Pregnancy Tests - Strips 100's


R135 + VAT

Pregnancy Tests - Strips 25's


R36,50 + VAT

HIV Test


R15,95 + VAT

Alcohol Breathalyser     EACH 13.95 R11.95
HIV Tests     EACH 29.50 R15.95
Malaria Test     EACH 21.50 R18.50
Multidrug test 5 parameter   EACH 49.50 R38.50
Multidrug Test 6 parameter   EACH 59.50 R44.50
Pregnancy Tests Cassettes   20's 75.00 R65.00
Pregnancy Tests Strips   25's 49.50 R36.50
Pregnancy Tests Strips   100's 198.00 R135.00
Urine Test Strips 10 parameter   100's 119.50 R95.00



Our company

Our company

Founded in 1972, and then re-established 2011, Sundrychem (PTY) LTD is a small, Johannesburg based company with high aspirations.

We specialise in the custom branding of medical equipment, surgical equipment, cotton products and everything first aid. 

Here you will find examples of our innovations that we believe will give you a competitive edge.

We are a Level 4 BEE contributor - click here to download our certificate!

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Our services

Our services
  • First Aid Kits and Supplies
  • Mobility Aids (Wheelchairs, commodes etc.)
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Cotton Products
  • Branded Items

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