Winter has arrived

Winter has arrived

Winter in South Africa is (by my opinion) one of the best. If you're living in Jozi you can find that in the mornings you're wearing a jacket, scarf and gloves but in the afternoon most of that has been removed and standing in the winter sun warms you just enough.

I just got back from Cape Town (wife and two children in toe) and the winter there was very different. Rain and wind was on the menu and we ended up spending a lot of time inside and in restaurants. 

Needless to say we stayed warm and a little of Vitamin C went a long way... and where did I get that Vitamin C from you ask? Sundrychem!

That's right, Sundrychem now offers OTC's - keep an eye on our website for developments. 



Giving children medicine

Giving children medicine

So my little girl has Tonsillitis, she is being amazing about it and has not complained even once. 

Of course the doctor has prescribed medicine that she has to drink (10ml) and in order to give it to her with easy I naturally opened our Home First Aid Kit and reached for the packet that has 5ml and 10ml syringes.

In doing so it struck me that because I work at Sundrychem that I would "naturally" have these items in our kit.


It's these moments that encourage us at Sundrychem to think beyond the regulations and what has been set by the Labour Department or Government. We are always striving to improve what we do and how we do it. I look forward to walking into the office tomorrow morning and presenting the idea of adding syringes to our home kits... naturally.


Anyway, until the next post, thanks for reading :)


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Where are the bandages?

Hello readers


My name is Ilan, I am the owner of Sundrychem and I am a father to two.


On a recent outing my daughter happen to hurt herself - nothing major but it warranted a cry and of course a pain relieving plaster.


At this point my wife casually reached into her bag and pulled out some plasters and this got me thinking. Are all mothers out there the same? Do you all carry plasters in your bags? What about fathers? We don't have handbags and in my case I have a Motorist Kit in the boot of my car (but that's because I own Sundrychem). 


When that moment comes, even when another parent is in need of a plaster, do you have the essentials at hand? I hope so...



Better website expereince

In order to better the experience on our website we have been trying to learn more about what our customers want and how to give it to them (or you? Are you a customer?).

Today we spent some time at the WebAfrica Summit, a platform that teaches exactly that - how to give customer what they want. We have learnt a lot about ourselves and we are very excited to put what we have learnt into action.

There's some hard work involved but that's what we love at Sundrychem. 

Here's looking forward to the hard work ahead!


More than meets the eye

There's more to Sundrychem than people know. Yes, we are a wholesaler. Yes, we sell surgical instruments, syringes and needles but we also sell direct to the public. 

In 2016 we are wanting to expand this horizon of selling to the public and in doing so we will be offering far more accessible products such as better first aid kits (home kits, car kits, baby kits etc.).

The goal? To give our clients, new and current, products that they want.

Cliché time! Watch this space! Okay?


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What is Sundrychem?

sundry |ˈsʌndri|

adjective [ attrib. ]

of various kinds; several.


From surgicals such as instruments and equipment, to disposables such as needles and syringes, Sundrychem caters for almost every medical supply need. We also specialise in everything first aid.


How important is a first aid kit?

First aid is very important!

Regardless of the legislations as set by the Labour Law Guide, a first aid kit in the home, office, factory or even car can potentially save a life.

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